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  David Tremlett, "drawing for free thinking", 2011, wall drawing in der Tate Britain in London  
  David Tremlett wall drawing

David Tremlett, wall drawing London


Tate Britain

  David Tremlett, wall drawing, Tate Britain, London 2011
  "Drawing for Free Thinking is a new wall drawing for Tate Britain, designed to wrap around the Manton stairwell.
Inspired by the long tradition of twentieth-century constructivism and by David Tremlett's involvement in conceptual
art in the 1970s, Drawing for Free Thinking consists of broad blocks of strong colour, straight lines, squares and
rectangles. It explores floor plans and architectural features the artist has encountered at the gallery such as doorways
or windows abstracted into geometric shapes. Tremlett and his team of assistants work with pastel crayons which
they rub directly onto the wall with the palms of their hands."

Die Arbeitsweise von Tremlett und seinem Team ist in einem kleinen > Film der Tate und einem filmischen
> Interview dokumentiert.

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